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About the trainer

Glen, previously a fire investigation and search and rescue dog trainer for the singapore civil defence force, has spent over 10 years training dogs and a number of accomplishments under his name.


Now, after many long years serving his country, he is ready to share his knowledge with the public.




Nose work

Ex search and rescue dog trainer in charge of the disaster assistance rescue team



Private Training

Private training for your beloved dogs. Learn how to handle and understand your pet. Acquire skills from behavioural correction, to basic obedience, and any other tricks you might want your dog to enjoy!

Group Training

Join an existing class at a nearby location, or form your own group of passionate dog lovers and receive a discount! Learn how to train and understand your pet while interacting with other passionate animal lovers!

Dog walking

Sometimes the best training a  dog can have is a little exercise! Too tired from work? take the night off and let our experts handle the rest. Our gentle approach is sure to give your dog fantastic time regardless of her personality

Nose work

Specialised training for your dog so that he or she can be more than just a pet! Let both you and your pet acquire the skills of a working dog handler and working dog. Give your pet a fun and higher purpose!


Our satisfied customers

"Jaw Dropping"

"Our new pup Guinness is having some resource guarding & aggression plus a couple of issues. Today the good people at K9 Matters came by and did some magic!! They picked up all his issues swiftly and taught us how to correct Guinness on the spot and Guinness obeyed immediately!  Jawdropped many times. AMAZING. Thank you so much."


"Helped Tremendously"


"Amazed! K9 matters came to our home to evaluate our furkid behaviour and gave us a few lessons and pointers to help us work with our dog that have helped tremendously! Even within the first lesson we could see noticeable results in his aggressive behaviour. The trainers had my dog heeling and obeying in just 2 hours. Over the next few days we noticed even more improvement in his inappropriate peeing issue. Most importantly they addressed each of our concern patiently and they are great to work with. Cant wait to learn more from them!"

"Thank you K9 Matters trainers for the coaching on how to care/manage for a low confidence adopted mongrel puppy. 

It is Amazing at how patient the two trainers are to teach, explain and guide the whole family at the issues we face while handling Harley. 

I strongly recommend K9 matters.... 
here is how good they are, In just 1 session this what we accomplish w our lovely adopted puppy Harley.

1. We are Able to walk beside the road (previously unable cos Harley is scared of the bus noises and moving vehicles)
2. Cross the traffic light. Harley did not show nervousness 
3. We learn most important to correct our own mistakes and wrong habits while handling Harley."

Landy Yang

Mollie Holmberg Tay

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