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Private dog training packages

Basic and Advanced Obedience Training

In 6 short weeks, learn how to perform the 5 basic obedience commands, heel, sit, down, stay, come and strengthen your connection with your dog. Provide your pet with the mental stimulation and excitement she deserves!

Behavioural Correction

Solve any and all behavioural issues in a few short sessions. Consult a professional dog trainer with a wealth of experience and quickly solve any troublesome habits like excessive barking, aggression, and poor socialisation skills.

FROM $200 per hour session.

from $250 per hour session.

DAy Training

DAy Training

Too busy to attend dog training sessions personally? Our trainers will come down to your home while you are at work and train your dogs in basic obedience. Once the dog has acquired the skills, you can add a few additional sessions to learn how to perform the basic obedience commands as well!

FROM $150 per hour session.

Board and train

Going overseas? Having trouble finding someone to take care of your dogs? No problem! Leave your dogs in our experienced care and let them pick up a new skill while they're at it. Our gentle trainers will teach your dogs basic obedience and solve any behavioural issues that your specify. By the time you return, you'll be met with a happier and better partner that will love you all the same!

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Prices that are shown are indicative, subject to changes without prior notifications.

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